How To Make A Firepit Patio In The Garden

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How To Make A Firepit Patio In The Garden

Firepit patios are a backyard feature you find in fancy neighbourhoods. But making one is really not that difficult to do! In this article, we will be looking at how to incorporate a fire pit patio into your backyard landscape.

Choosing A Location For A Firepit Patio In The Garden

Firepits in general are an eye-catching feature of a yard. This is why when making a firepit patio you want to consider functionality but also beauty. You don’t want the fire pit in a hidden corner of the yard. But you also don’t want it in a high traffic area where you may end up with an accident.

When you want to take into consideration when choosing a location is surrounding infrastructure. This means you will want to look at where your sheds, deck, home, and even trees may be located. My fire pit patio is located near my deck and underneath a tree branch.

This means I have to continually watch to ensure the fire does not get out of control. The tree branch grew into the area after the fire pit patio was made.  since the branch has moved over top of the fire pit area it has on an ugly appearance. It can look a bit damaged as the summer goes on. the smoke from the fire tends to wilt the leaves and then out the number of branches. 

Fuel Burning Material For A Firepit Patio In The Garden

When choosing a fire pit patio Tire Source you have quite a few options. Currently, there are options for natural gas, propane, oil and of course, your classic would. When choosing the field burning source for your fire pit you want to consider the laws within your area. 

If you choose a propane or natural gas fire pit you will not have to worry about potential fire bans. Currently, we have both a wood-burning pit and a propane pit. This means when there are fire bans in the area we are able to use the propane fire pit to have evening Pires. The reason why a propane fire pit is approved for use in a fire ban is that it does not spark.

There are also cities with bands on specific burning materials. For example, in some cities, you are not able to burn wood in any capacity. This means you would be restricted to the use of a propane fire pit. The best place to look for the restrictions in your area is through your local fire department website. 

Controlling The Smoke Movement In A Firepit Patio In The Garden

If you’re able to position your fire pit patio in an area that is sheltered you will not have to worry about smoke control. However, if you do not have an area that currently has a Windbreak you may want to consider making one. When choosing an area to have a Windbreak you do not need to cover all four sides.

 The Wanted take the time to the side where a majority of your wind will come from. It’s not uncommon for certain areas to have when blowing from a certain direction more than another. This would be the side you would place your win break. A break does not have to be anything fancy and could even be something as simple as a plant.

Choosing Material For A Firepit Patio In The Garden

When choosing a material to use for your fire pit patio there are a few things to consider. The patio may not be a part of your dining area or your home but it should match. Using different materials throughout the backyard can make the fire pit patio look misplaced.

 For example, our fire pit patio brick matches both be colours of our deck and our backyard cement pad. We even took our fire pit patio one step further when it came to matching because it also matches our driveway. This is continued throughout the entire property helps the yard look higher class. 

The Foundation Of A Firepit Patio In The Garden

  1. Mark out the area for your fire pit patio with wooden stakes. Place the stakes every two feet so you know where to dig. 
  2. Remove 8 inches of soil around the entire marked area. Have a slight slope of 1 inch to allow for drainage.
  3. Remove your stakes and lay down your landscape fabric. If you want to do a good job of weed control laying poly down would be even better!
  4. Next, you will want to use 4 inches of gravel or sand to tamp into the area. This is important, placing a brick on top of clay soil will cause movement.
  5. If you use gravel in the fourth step then add 1 to 1.5″ of stone dust or sand and tamp it down.
  6. Lay the bricks down over the sand and tamp each one down with a rubber mallet. 
  7. Using a brown brush the stone dust of sand around the brick area. This will help keep everything in place.
  8. The last step is simply placing your fireplace. We did not glue out the firepit together and advise you to do the same. This allows us to switch out bricks on one becomes damaged.

There you have it the guide to making a backyard firepit patio. Let me know if you intend to make a firepit patio this fall.