Attracting Wildlife To The Garden

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In Canada, gardening for animals is a great method to encourage biodiversity and establish a healthy ecosystem in your backyard. It not only benefits wildlife, but it can also make your garden more attractive and interesting. Here are some guidelines for designing a Canadian garden that is welcoming to animals.


First and foremost, it’s crucial to offer food for various wildlife species. This can be accomplished by growing a wide variety of indigenous plants that yield berries, seeds, and nectar. For instance, native plants like dogwood, elderberry, and serviceberry are excellent options since they serve as food for small mammals and birds.


Second, giving wildlife refuge is also essential. This can be accomplished by including components like local shrubs, trees, and herbaceous plants. This offer, not just food but also nesting places, cover from the elements, and hiding places. To offer cover all year long, think about planting a variety of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs.

Fresh Water

Thirdly, wildlife depends on water as a resource. By including a pond or birdbath, you can give wildlife a source of food like insects and aquatic plants in addition to water. Additionally, remember to replenish or install a dripper system to preserve the water source during dry periods.

Avoid Chemicals

Fourthly, you should refrain from utilizing dangerous chemicals like insecticides in your garden. These may harm wildlife populations and throw off the ecosystem’s delicate equilibrium. Choose natural pest management strategies instead, such as companion planting and promoting beneficial insects.

Finally, think about taking part in government-sponsored conservation initiatives like Wildlife Habitat Canada’s “Backyard Habitat Certification Program” or “Schoolyard Naturalization Program,” which will give you more knowledge and resources to aid in the creation of a verified wildlife-friendly habitat on your property.

You may build a flourishing, biodiverse, and wildlife-friendly garden in Canada by paying attention to these suggestions. It’s a fantastic method to protect regional ecosystems and offer a safe refuge to the numerous species that call Canada home.


Wildlife Habitat Canada can be found online at Schoolyard Naturalization Program

Website: Backyard Habitat Certification Program