Welcome to the gardening in Canada shop. All the products are designed by me with science in mind.

Amazon Garden Paperback Planner

This is a garden planner especially designed with Canadian gardeners in mind! If you are gardening in Canada then this is the garden planner for you! This planner includes information on when to start seeds based on your location within Canada and guides on how to properly harden your plants off before placing them outside.

Amazon Houseplant Paperback Planner

This is a houseplant planner especially designed with houseplant people in mind! This planner has everything you need for keeping houseplants.

With over one hundred pages of workbook-style information and 57 weeks’ worth of planning space, you will be set for an entire year.

DIY Garden Soil Testing Booklet. At Home Garden Soil Testing. Designed By A Soil Scientist.

This is a booklet design to help you with at-home garden soil testing. This guide has been designed by a soil scientist and will walk you through all the aspects of garden soil. The projects are child-friendly and something you can reuse year after year. This DIY soil testing guide will allow you to make adjustments to your garden soil and track the progress

Printable Garden Planner

Great for anyone who needs to plan out this year’s garden. This product is designed in a way that will allow you to build on your data collection year after year. Almost like a science experiment. Document what is working for you and what is not. This planner works with any country and is completely generic

Seed Starting Guides

Canadian seed starting guides that will work for a beginner to advance gardener. Each document has a blank worksheet to allow you the ability to add your new exotic favourites. Each sheet is custom designed for your zone and has some tips to succeed in your area. If you are from the USA be sure to minus one zone from your USDA zone on order to get the Canadian equivalent.

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We are looking to buy equipment such as microscopes, penetrometers, & products to put to the test. None of that is possible without you.

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