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Gardening In Canada is a website designed to help Canadian Gardeners succeed in the garden through science. As a soil scientist I ensure the garden content is relevant & accurate. My methods work for any garden anywhere. Ashley grew up pestering her grandma in the garden. The phrase “can I help became a broken record when it came to anything plants. Despite Grandmas best attempts Ashley’s side of the garden was mostly a mud pit due to an abundance of love. Fast forward and Ashley graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Major in Soil Science. Now her main focus is teaching others how to become top notch gardens using science to lead the way

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Loving your channel. I heard a lot about you in the Roots and Refuge Facebook group and you’ve been a wealth of info. I recommend you to all the Canadian gardeners I come across 😍



Canadian Subscriber

I love Ashley’s videos! It feels like talking to a friend. She answered every question thoroughly. I have no idea how she has all that time!

Ke Le

American Subscriber

The soil amendment series is my favourite because I use that knowledge for indoor plants and the garden



philippines Subscriber

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