Evolve Fertilizer Dirt N Grow Review

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Evolve Fertilizer Dirt N Grow Review
Evolve Fertilizer Dirt N Grow Review

Evolve Fertilizer Review

As a Canadian gardener I’m always looking for a reputable brand of fertilizer. When it comes to fertilizer there are a lot of gimmicks out there that promise huge results but in reality are not able to provide. When I found evolve fertilizer, a Canadian company that is developing fertilizer with soil science in mind I was hooked.

This blog post is going to be all about the Evolve Fertilizer brand. What I’ve experienced to date and exactly what products I have used. The dirt and grow fertilizer can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings. I won’t be able to speak to all the products that they have I do have a few in particular that I have tried.

Liquid Vs. Granular Fertilizer

When choosing the form of fertilizer you want with Dirt & Grow you will want to determine what’s easiest for you. I enjoy fertilizing every time I water there for a liquid fertilizer is ideal. However if you’re a person that doesn’t enjoy fertilizing or sometimes forgets, then a slow release granular may be the answer.

It’s important to remember that there are differences between granular and liquid fertilizers. I won’t get into that too much in this article as I do have another article posted about the difference between the two. Click here to check it out.

Over Application Is Difficult With Evolve

The nice part about Evolves Dirt & Grow line is that it contains low levels of salt. This means you are going to be hard-pressed to over fertilize. Also with the low salt concentrations we don’t end up with salt buildup on the top of the soil or on the plant leaves. 

This is perfect for anyone that is growing a sensitive plant in the home. Plants such as calatheas or Mirantas will heavily benefit from the use of Evolve fertilizer. With any organic fertilizer you have a huge benefit of not only fertilizing the plants, But also encouraging a healthy soil.

Feed The Microbes With Evolve Fertilizer

Despite popular belief sterile soil in house plants or in container gardens is less than ideal. There are lots of little critters in our soil that are beneficial that we want to keep around. Evolve fertilizer gives us the balance of feeding our much needed nutrient cycling microbes.

Calcium Fertilizer That Works Better Than Egg Shells

Another unique feature of the Evolve fertilizer is the fact that many of their fertilizers contain two key ingredients. The first one being the addition of calcium to the formula. Calcium is incredibly important for cell structure. Calcium is not deficient in soil but it’s absorption is limited based on the soil pH.

This low pH is common in peat-based soil. Peat moss soils are commonly seen in container gardens. The soilless peat moss based medium promotes healthy plants due to the balance between air and moisture retention. However, due to the low pH in a peat soil we tend to see nutrient deficiencies for some nutrients. This is why Evolve Fertilizer is beneficial to use due to the calcium it contains.

Rage Plus Technology In Evolve Fertilizer

The second feature is what they call Rage Plus Technology. You can get just the rage plus fertilizer from Evolve. But the convenience factor is that rage plus technology is in the all purpose fertilizer as well. Rage plus is essentially referring to the potassium in the product. Evolve fertilizer uses a soluble potash for the rage plus formula.

Potassium is important for a plant to function. This is why rage plus is so valuable as a fertilizer. With the rage plus formula you can choose to either add it to the soil or use it for foliar spray. Using it as a foliar application will help immediately turn around yellowing or stressed leaves. This formula is ideal after transplanting either outdoors or bumping up inside. For more on foliar feeding check out the foliar feeding post. 

My top favourite Evolve Fertilizer product is the Organic Calcium Essentials. It’s common to see calcium being added to a vegetable garden via crushed up eggs. Crushed eggs are not bio available until they are completely decomposed. Furthermore crushed eggs actually don’t have that much calcium by weight.

How To Apply A Calcium Fertilizer

This is where the evolved calcium essentials comes in. Their blend contains both phosphorus and calcium. These two in combination help with absorption and help produce a healthy plant. You still need to use an all purpose with the calcium formula because it’s not a full profile fertilizer. But this extra bump of calcium is incredibly valuable if you were producing any sort of fruit or vegetable. 

I highly recommend using the Organic Calcium Essentials plant fertilizer on tomato and pepper plants. Again calcium is one of those micro nutrients that is only available within a narrow pH range. Supplementing this product with your regular fertilizing regimen will help prevent any calcium deficiency. Calcium is key in the development of healthy fruit production. If you’re noticing that you have a large quantity of mushy or split tomatoes then calcium is your answer. 

I am incredibly satisfied with the Evolve Fertilizer brand. Not only are they a Canadian company but their packaging is very convenient. They have a Gatorade type top to them which is very valuable to anyone that is messy. I’ve been using Evolve fertilizer now on both my houseplants and my seedlings. I intend to also use it outdoors this summer due to its fantastic results. I’ve noticed a rapid increase in growth for my indoor plants. And for my future outdoor seedlings I’ve noticed a healthier stronger plant. I am also expecting great results when it comes to reducing transplant shock.

If you’re wanting to grab some Evolve Fertilizer for your fertilizer collection I will leave a link here.