Canadian Gardening YouTube Channels


Gardening in Canada is an extreme sport and this is why everyone could use some guidance along the way. My name is Ashley and I am a soil scientist and Canadian gardener. On my YouTube Channel I take the science and apply it to the garden. I know this is not for everyone, so I have complied a list of some of my favourite Canadian Gardening YouTube Channels from coast to coast.

If you enjoy learning a bit about the science behind gardening then be sure to stop by my channel by clicking here. I am in Saskatchewan Zone 3 and the struggle is real!

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Canadian Gardening YouTube Channel Number One

You Can’t Eat The Grass

First up on the list is You Can’t Eat The Grass. This is a family friendly light hearted adventure with a market garden family located in B.C. Canada. This crew has awesome production value & a pretty intensive set up. They remind me of the Canadian version of roots & refuge.

Canadian Gardening YouTube Channel Number Two

Fraser Valley Rose Farm

Jason is rose bush master located in the Fraser valley. If you’re looking for the ultimate rose garden or see a cut flower farm in your future then this is the spot to check out. Jason and I did a Canadian Gardener YouTube collab not too long ago so be sure to check him out and show your support.

Canadian Permaculture Legacy

If you are interested in permaculture gardening in Canada then this is the place to be. This crew has a large amount of land that the utilize for gardening in the permaculture style. The current focus on the channel is about growing food forests in Canada. This is a hot topic right now in the world of gardening so be sure to check it out. I believe this channel is based in the Ontario region of Canada.

Greenland Garden

This is an Alberta Canada based garden center with a YouTube channel. This means lots of content from different perspectives. The best part is they also do video on indoor house plants. The production level is high and they are growing very fast.

Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable

This channel hasn’t posted in over four years but with nearly 218 informative videos and 100K subscribers it makes the list. But If you want to leave about how to grow things like peppers, eggplants, broccoli, luffas, and more in Canada this is the place to go.

Shifting Roots – For Canadian Cut Flower Gardeners

Backyard cut gardens are becoming more and more popular. Kirsten leads you through how to do an entire setup in a cold Canadian climate. When it comes to Canadian Gardening YouTube channels this is perfect for zone 3 and up. In the below shifting roots video I even made a guest appearance!

Mind & Soil

These guys are based out of British Columbia Canada and they take Canadian gardening youtube channels to the next level with mental health. They focus on the mind and health benefits of gardening in Canada. Mind and soil has a website along with the channel as well.

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