How To Undo Mayo Leaf Shine

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Using Mayo As Leaf Shine
Using Mayo As Leaf Shine

How To Undo Mayo Leaf Shine

So you used mayo as a leaf shine and you have noticed it attracts more dust. This Gardening In Canada article looks at how to undo mayo leaf shine. We will also be looking at alternatives that can be used to shine your leaves. 

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Why Do People Use Mayo Leaf Shine?

This all started with a readers digest article about Mayo being used as leaf shine by professionals. The protocol is to just rub a bit of mayo onto the leaves using a paper towel. This most definitely will cause shiner leaves and may even leave a protective barrier. 

However, if too much is used it will leave a sticky film on the plant leaves. This sticky film will result in a collection of new dust and bugs. If you choose to use mayo as leaf shine you want to use a very small quantity. You also may want to consider using mayo after the leaves have been wiped down with water. This will reduce the amount of mayo you need to see results.

How To Undo Mayo Leaf Shine

This can be difficult to remove due to the lipids and fats in the mixture. This makes the coating hydrophobic and not water-soluble. This means if we simply place the plant under a shower it is unlikely to remove the mayo leaf shine. This means we need a detergent or solvent of some sort. 

The obvious choice is the blue dawn dish soap and water. But I suggest you watch the video or read the blog post about the dangers of using dish soap on plants. Dawn dish soap can strip away the natural cuticle or oils of a plant leaf. This leaves the plant exposed to infections and pests. 

The best choice is shredding a bar of soap in hot water. Bar soap is a much gentler version of soap that will remove the mayo without harming the plant leaves. 

Should You Use Store-Bought Leaf Shine

The general consensus online is not to use leaf shine because it can cause the pores on the leaves to clog up. We have an entire video and blog post all about this concept and the answer may surprise you. Be sure to check those out.

How Do You Polish You Plant Leaves?

Water and only water. Using warm water with nothing in it is your best choice for polishing leaves. This can be done with a paper towel or inside of a shower. When you use soap in any form you leave behind a film. This film is helpful for deterring pests but also can collect dust and debris over time. 

If you have a pest issue you may want to consider using the soap treatment. If this is the case you can expect to rewash the leaves in a few weeks’ time. Keep in mind anytime you use a chemical treatment you run the risk of insect resistance. That means you may want to consider using a biological treatment such as nematodes or predatory mites. I have blog posts and videos on that as well.

So you used mayo as a leaf shine and you have officially figured out how to wash it off. This Gardening In Canada article looked at how to remove mayo from your plant leaves. And even gave you some more ideas on how to polish your leaves in the future.