Keeping Birds Out Of The Machine Shed

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Keeping Birds Out Of The Machine Shed
Keeping Birds Out Of The Machine Shed

Keeping Birds Out Of The Machine Shed

We have done a lot of different posts about bird watching and attracting birds. But as a farmer the reality is that birds are messy and can ruin equipment. On our farm, the issue exists mostly in our combine shed thanks to split-grain and high roofs. Let’s look at the best methods for keeping birds off our machinery and out of our sheds. Lets look at methods for keeping birds out of the machine shed.

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Predatory Decoys For Keeping Birds Out Of The Machine Shed

This has to be included because it is the most common solution. Predatory decoys would include things like owls, foxes, dogs, etc. I personally find these work for a short period of time. Once the birds realize it a fake they will have no issues bypassing their carnivorous fakes.

Reflectors & Lazers For Keeping Birds Out Of The Machine Shed

These are effective when attached to the roof of the machine shed. You can get sophisticated electronic laser kits that go off when triggered by motion. However, we have also found small mirrors or metallic beads hung from the roof are effective. 

The downfall to this system is in the sun doesn’t shine inside the shed the reflection won’t be as high. Ideally, the mirrors and gems will sparkle in the sunlight and easily move in the wind. The more chaotic the better! This disturbance upsets the birds makes the area feel unsafe.

Ledge Repellents For Keeping Birds Out Of The Machine Shed

If there is nowhere to perch in your machine shed you most definitely won’t have a bird issue. This such as sticky gel repellents on rafters and ledges will make your shed less desirable as a hangout spot. Other options include porcupine wire which essentially includes heavy wire prongs sticking out at different angles.

Another creative method includes using boards and metal to cover ledges and make the normal resting spot a 45-degree angle. The change in angle makes the ledge much less comfortable to sit on. 

Netting or Metal Coverings For Keeping Birds Out Of The Machine Shed

Using nettings or metal coverings for any resting area is key to keeping birds out of unwanted areas in general. This is an inexpensive option that can be easily used overtop of machinery. Just make sure the holes in the net are small enough for the type of bird you are deterring. If your problem bird is a sparrow you definitely want to make sure that the netting holes are tiny. 

Clear Plastic Stripping For Keeping Birds Out Of The Machine Shed

If the machine shed is housing smaller equipment or livestock using plastic stripping is a great tool. This will allow you to navigate in and out of the machine shed easily but keep the birds out. 

Electronic Sound Deterrents For Keeping Birds Out Of The Machine Shed

This method is well known for deterring mice away, but there is also a bird option. Keep in mind placement is the key when trying to make these effective. Place the sound deterrent in the areas where the birds hang out and make sure there are enough of them in the space. In some cases, you may need to use an extension cord to get the devices at the correct height.

There you have it the best methods for scaring birds out of your machine shed. With the colder seasons rolling in birds are looking for shelter. Unfortunately, the machine shed is not an ideal space considering how messy birds can be! Let us know in the comments below what your favourite bird deterrent is.