Garden Soxx Review For Canadians

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Garden Sox Review
Garden Sox Review

Garden Soxx Review

This gardening in Canada article is a review on the Garden Soxx. This may be the new way of gardening and in a few respects could result in higher garden yields. The only way to truly review Garden Soxx is by first off looking at what makes this product different from ground beds and container gardens. Then we will look at what to put inside the soxx for the best results and the overall quality of the Garden Soxx themselves. If you want to grab your own Garden Soxx kit check out this link here. Don’t forget to use the discount code GardeninginCanada10 for 10% off.

If you are new to this blog my name is Ashley and I am a soil scientist. I am located in a Canadian Zone 3 and a USDA Zone 4. I write articles and make YouTube videos all designed for Canadians and Cold Climate gardeners using science based methods. If you are looking for anything specific be sure to let me know in the comments down below.

What Makes The Garden Soxx Unique

Garden Soxx are unique in appearance but they also have the benefit of being placed nearly anywhere. This includes on top of the soil surface, non organic surfaces (cement, wood, etc) and uneven areas such as beneath trees. The nylon exterior of the Soxx allows for additional aeration. This added aeration means a wide range of plants can easily be planted inside the Garden Soxx.

The fact that the Garden Soxx are placed above ground means the soil inside will warm faster. The dark exterior and above ground set up will result in the soil being workable sooner than the ground soil. When it comes to seed starting the soil needs to be above 5 degrees celsius to reduce the risk of rot. The Soxx’s will achieve a higher temperature faster then the ground soil.

Leaving The Soxx In Place During A Canadian Winter

The Garden Soxx require very little maintenance compared to other forms of gardening. Within ground beds weeding, tillage and soil amendments are all needed on a regular basis. With container gardening soil amendments and proper storage are all key. However, with garden soxx we are able to simply leave the soxx in place and forget them. 

There is no risk of splitting, cracking or compaction when we use the Garden Soxx method. The best way to ensure Garden Soxx make it through the winter is to ensure the Soxx are placed in a safe area. A safe area means a position with low traffic and shelter from the extremes. High traffic areas can run the risk of split socks. If you want to grab your own Garden Soxx kit check out this link here. Don’t forget to use the discount code GardeninginCanada10 for 10% off.

What Do You Fill Them With?

The Garden Soxx company recommends using strictly compost in the soxx. Using straight compost will ensure the plant has a consistent supply of nutrients. The added air circulation of the soxx means increased levels of microbe activity. This increased microbial activity results in higher levels of bioavailable nutrients. 

We are able to use a compact dense soil like compost without any other aeration amendments such as perlite due to the outside nylon. As the roots begin to find oxygen they will air prune themselves. This air pruning will result in a tee or splitting at the end. This means the root volume will increase and the plant will be much healthier. 

Are Garden Soxx Worth The Investment?

Yes, the soxx will drastically increase both your total grow time and your yields. This is due to the unique feature of the garden soxx being above ground and porous material. The added bonus of being able to place the soxx nearly anywhere allows you to grow more food in a smaller space.

The quality of the Garden Soxx is surprising and describing it as a nylon soxx does not do it justice. It is closer to a synthetic netting that is durable and able to withstand freeze thaw cycles. If you want to grab your own Garden Soxx kit check out this link here. Don’t forget to use the discount code GardeninginCanada10 for 10% off.

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  1. Hi Ashley, loving the website, podcast & youtube channel! I’d really like your opinion on wicking beds. The new suburb clay backfill situation is horrible so trying to circumvent it completely.

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