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Mason Jar Hummingbird Feeder Made With Dollarama Items

Hummingbirds are unique little critters. If you’ve ever considered trying to feed hummingbirds you’ll notice there are lots of different hummingbird feeders out there. However, one feeder generally is not enough to attract enough hummingbirds to notice their presence. To truly enjoy hummingbirds you need to make a hummingbird oasis. For more on attracting pollinators check out this post. Having a wide selection of hummingbird feeder‘s yard will attract a larger flock. And if you’ve ever seen the price tag of a hummingbird feeder you will soon be turned off of the “multiple hummingbird feeder idea”. In this article we are going to help you make an at home DIY Mason Jar hummingbird feeder. 

What Materials Can You Use For DIY Hummingbird Feeders

You can use any number of recycled materials. Youu want to ensure that it is not scratched or can be properly disinfected. Hummingbirds are notoriously susceptible to fungi and bacteria infections. Scratches in plastic bottles tend to be a source of this bacteria and fungi hummingbirds. This is why mason jars are ideal for a hummingbird setup. 

What Should You Use For A Mason Jar Hummingbird Feed

This brings me into my second point. When choosing a liquid feed to go into the feeder look for “simple”. As a result choosing a liquid with no dyes and a single sugar source is always the best choice. So what that means if you buy a container that is pre-liquefied you will want to make sure you refrigerate it after opening. But you will also want be aware of the expiry date and discard of expired food. This is because it will prevent any bacteria buildup that may harm hummingbirds. Here is the recipe suggested by the Smithsonian.

Now if you choose to make hummingbird food on your own you’ll need 2 cups of water to a half cup of white sugar. I can not stress this enough white sugar only. Because honey carries a wide range of fungi and bacteria that can harm hummingbirds. As a result same rule applies to a wide variety of other sugars that are not white sugar including agava for example.

Step 1 of the Mason Jar Hummingbird Feeder:

Next you will need a mason jar, brightly coloured duotangs (red or yellow), and macrame if you intend to hang your jar. Keep in mind if you choose to go with a larger mason jar you may need to use some rocks as a filler. Because this will reduce the amount of wasted sugar water because you will want to replace the liquid feed once every 1-2 days.

Now trace a circle using the lid of your mason jar on the plastic doutang cover.

Step 2:

Now cut out your circle and poke two or more holes, spaced equally around the circle. You want the holes to be around the same thickness as a pencil. 

Step 3:

Next if you have store bought hummingbird food fill the jar up to the middle of the rim. If you are making a homemade hummingbird feeder dissolve ½ cup of white sugar in two cups of hot water. and to save on liquid place rocks into the jar as filler to displace the volume of water needed. Make sure to wash off the rocks every time you clean the jar.

Step 4:

Place your colourful circle (without the original seal circle) into the screw on lid and tighten everything down.

You have officially made a mason jar hummingbird feeder! Place the jar on a firm surface or hang it using macrame. Be sure to make a few of these, and try different colours. This will encourage a large population of hummingbirds for your backyard enjoyment. Be sure to post photos of your creation on Instagram and tag us, we would love to see!