DIY Potting Soil Recipe Designed By A Soil Scientist

DIY potting soil is a hot topic on the internet with some people even profiting off the recipe. Below is an excel document that helps you design your potting soil based on the type of plant, watering styles, and even pot size. This chart will work perfect for anyone who is looking for a basic run down of the combos of soil amendments.

Soil Scientist Designed

My name is Ashley and I am a soil scientist with a love for plants. I have been gardening and keeping plants for over ten years. Between my formal education and my love for plants I have come up with the solution for plant people. The key to any soil recipe is your personality type, overwatering & underwatering. The other keys to look at are the soil breathability and also having light or no light source. If you have a breathable pot with good lighting, combined with an underwatering personality style you will want to have a heavier soil. The opposite to this would be having a plastic pot, no light supplement and a heavy watering personality. If this is you your going to want to get an airy light mixture with plenty of wood chips, pumice and maybe even LECA.

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Remember, you know your growing environment best. What I mean by this is that there is no one fits all potting soil recipe. If there are any plants on this list you want included please let me know. This is an evolving document so I will be adding to it overtime.

For a how to video on the how to use this guide click the video below.

DIY Potting Soil Recipe Designed By A Soil Scientist