DIY Lechuza Pon

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DIY Lechuza Pon
DIY Lechuza Pon

Lechuza-Pon is the new product in the plant world. This gardening in Canada article will show you how to save some cash by making your own DIY Lechuza Pon For Less. We will be looking at what you need to make Lechuza Pon, substitute options, and how to go about ensuring similar results.

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What is Lechuza Pon?

Lechuza Pon is a hybrid between LECA and a very porous soil mixture. It is a name brand, not a soil type. The Lechuza Pon brand uses pumice, volcanic and zeolite mixture coated in fertilizer. Let’s break down the important aspects of each of these amendments.

Purpose of Pumice In Lechuza Pon

The pumice in Lechuza Pon adds micropore spaces into the system. Micropores in this soilless growing medium are plentiful but tiny in size. This is important because the pumice itself is what adds the CEC to the growing medium. The CEC is the magnet that attracts and holds onto important soil nutrients for the plants. Pumice in this mixture is not meant for providing the added air flow in the system.

Purpose of Volcanic Rock In Lechuza Pon

The volcanic rock in Lechuza Pon adds macropore spaces into the system. These macropores are larger but fewer in total quantity. This means the volcanic rock is the source for air within the Lechuza Pon growing medium. The volcanic rock also serves as a battery of micronutrients needed for healthy plant growth. The micronutrients in the volcanic rock are suspended within the rock and therefore mechanical weathering is the only way to release ions.

Purpose Of Zeolite In Lechuza Pon

The zeolite in Lechuza Pon is the pH buffer of the mixture. Zeolite is similar to pumice and volcanic rock because it is a mined rock that is crushed. The zeolite products main role is pH but also allows for water absorption and nutrient capture.

All additions of lechuza pon should be a 1:1 ratio. Check out the printable document for the perfect Lechuza Pon Recipe.

Lechuza Pon For Over Watering & Large Pots

Lechuza Pon For Under Watering & Small Pots

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