How To Grow Daffodils In Canada

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If you’re seeing this post you are here for one of two reasons. The first reason being you found this post on the Internet and you’re looking for the details when it comes to planting daffodil flowers. However if you are one of the individuals that received a daffodil bulb as a wedding favor for our wedding hello and welcome.

If you’re new to the gardening in Canada platform welcome. This is a website and YouTube channel dedicated to gardening in cold climates. In this blog post we are going to be taking the daffodil bulb and learning what care it means. This is hands-down one of the easiest plants to enjoy in your garden. And they are also the first sign of spring.

I hope you enjoy your daffodil bulbs if you received these at the wedding. I hope they remind you of Bob and myself for years to come. We hope to bring you a friendly reminder that spring is on the way by being One of the first blooms you see. Over the years these bulbs will multiply and you will generally get three extra flowers year after year.

Planting Daffodils In Canada 

Planting daffodil bulbs in Canada is relatively simple. They can survive all the way down to zone three. However you do you want to plant them in full sun and ensure that they are mulched.

Best Time Of Year To Plant Daffodils In Canada 

The best time of year to plant daffodils in Canada is the fall. This means if you receive them for a party favour get out into the garden and plant them now. They are the first flower to pop up in the spring and therefore they do enjoy a bit of a freeze before germination. You also may want to choose to give them a little bit of water before this frost hits. This will help with some route formation in the ground.

You can also plant daffodils indoors. They are one of the common Christmas plants that you get. If you choose to start them indoors feel free to start them whenever you like. They generally take a month before they bloom. So if you want to time it correctly for a Christmas flower I suggest starting them mid November.

Best Location To Plant Daffodils

Do you want to plant them in full sun. If you have a warmer areas of yard this is your best choice. Because they are engineer for warmer zones you most definitely want to ensure there is mulch. That means once a bulbs are planted in place you want to use things such as leaves to cover up the area. This will give a area of insulation and ensure that the bulb survive the winter.

If the bulbs are not properly protected it is not uncommon for the bulbs to rot. This can be caused by excess water freezing within the bulb and causing expansion. So to be on the cautious side ensure that there is lots of mulch and protection.

Watering & Fertilizer

It needs regular water just like any plant. This means in the spring time when you begin to see the plant rising from the soil you may want to think about watering. For fertilizer you can use a regular all purpose fertilizer but again this is not always necessary. Generally daffodils can survive in poor soil conditions. 

I know many of our wedding guests were not gardeners but we wanted to share one of our favourite hobbies with you. This is why I picked the easiest bulb to start in the garden. When starting your daffodil bulbs you really cannot go wrong. Be sure to send me photos of your daffodils when they sprout in the spring or when they sprout indoors.

I wanna thank you guys so much for both reading this article and attending the wedding if you were able to make it. We truly appreciate it and we hope again to be a reminder of the spring every year for you and years to come.